What we do?

Qualitative Market Research

Consumer behaviour is always changing – just think of how consumers spent their time online 5 years ago, compared to their habits today. And with new advances in personal technology (i.e. moving from newspaper to online news updates), it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers and advertisers to understand where and how consumers spend their time. 

 We help the brands to get to know the consumers’ precise needs based on their everyday behaviour which will help marketers, brands and publishers to know how to build and market products that delight their customers.

Communication testing is the process of sharing creative concepts with the intended audience to get their feedback and identify the best idea before designing materials, and to know that it works better than your competitors’ best messages.

Results from creative communication testing help the creative team to revise concepts, drop ones that do not resonate well with the audience and identify the ones the audience likes best. Our team of researchers and methodologists will design an approach that answers your questions in the most comprehensive yet in a cost-effective manner possible.

It helps to understand what your target audience is looking for – but it can go so much further than that. It can help to establish how to communicate with potential customers, it can help to identify new opportunities in the marketplace, and it can also minimise the risk of any potential product launch. Businesses can measure their reputation using market research, as well as identifying any problems with their service, branding, packaging, website or other influential feature of the product. Planning ahead is crucial in today’s unpredictable markets, and market research can help with that too, as well as providing useful insight into future trends and the direction a market might be heading in. With effective market research, one can keep their nose ahead of competitors which is crucial in today’s saturated markets.

The product life cycle traditionally consists of four stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline. when introducing a new product to market, you need market research to help make the decisions surrounding where your product will go and how it will get there; who is going to buy it; how much you are going to charge for it; and, most importantly, if anyone is going to want to purchase your product at all.

Pen portraits are one way to get a handle on a target audience by creating a fictitious character to enable one to speak directly. To create this pen portrait one simply have to imagine who they are, what they are like and what drives them. Keep adding and moulding to the picture until a interviewer is happy that he can almost hear them to speak. Anything you create afterwards can be held up to scrutiny by this imaginary friend.

Our team is specialised in making a pen portrait. Where, for one of our client we have made different personalities to understand a right target audience for their product.

Developing a greater understanding of consumer journeys, behaviour, and app preferences will equip brands (and the agencies that serve them) with the insights they need to build the products and experiences that match consumer demands and give them an advantage in cultivating long-term loyalty and engagement.

It’s widely known, accepted and touted that an unhappy customer will tell far more people about their experience than a happy customer. Only a small number of unhappy customers will tell the company about their dissatisfaction with a product or service. a savvy business knows well that both satisfied and dissatisfied customers represent an opportunity.

361 DMR brings extensive experience in monitoring and analysing customer relationships and helping our clients transform customer satisfaction into loyalty and profit. We have the capability and analytic expertise to determine the key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and to evaluate our client’s performance against multiple criteria.

Quantitative Market research

In this competitive environment and rising customer expectations knowing level of customer satisfaction and understanding their requirements becomes absolutely essential. Genesis has carried out satisfaction studies across banking, insurance, telecom, automotive, healthcare, industrial products, chemicals, fertilizers, FMCG, durable for many domestic and international companies.

With the rising economies and the disposable incomes the spending habits of the customers are changing and the consumption is also rising. On account of this the manufacturing, imports and exports of the given products or services are rising and the competition too. Before taking any investment decision it therefore becomes essential to study demand potential in value and volume terms, growth rate, market shares, competition, scope for new entrant and accordingly prepare market entry strategy for the given markets.

On account of extensive use of social media the opinions and views of the customers, people, community has been consistently changing either in favour or against in the area of social, economical, political, environmental,media, organizational, community etc. This helps in understanding what people feel about any particular product, service or the given situation This helps in addressing the emerging opportunities and address the issues, if any, if carried out on regular basis.

Before launching any scheme or program in the area of water, literacy, education, healthcare, agriculture, rural development, employment, skill development etc. it is essential to understand actual needs of the community under baseline studies. Impact assessment studies makes critical assessment of the benefits accrued to the beneficiaries in the society and to what extent the program has been successful in changing lives of the community for better. We have done such projects for leading corporate companies under CSR, NGOs, international funding agencies, foundations and trusts within and outside India under social research domain.

Many products or services are area specific and they have to be at right time and at right place. Some services like hospitality, education, healthcare and products like auto components, textile, food processing, cement plant etc. are absolutely location specific. We need to assess and critically analyze whether the business we plan to start at certain location will be successful or not. This report helps you to make the business decision successful through this insight which are location specific.

These types of studies are called under tracking studies to divide customers into promoters neutral and defractors. These are usually carried out where relationship with the customers matters a lot typically in the BIFS and manufacturing sectors. Our team has extended theses services to many companies in manufacturing, industrial products and services like BIFS, Retailing, Healthcare, Education etc.

This is another area where we have so far completed more than 50 assignments by deputing our team of researchers to study the given market or country in various industrial products, FMCG, E-commerce, automotive and services. This third-party assessment helps in understanding the ground realities, entry barriers, market size, Govt. rules & regulations, statutory compliances and then prepare a road map for successful market entry in the given country. Our team has carried out such international studies in Europe, North America, Far East and South-East Asian countries successfully.